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What our clients say about PSI

PSI has become an invaluable component of our total talent management system. In the past 10 years PSI has proven to be the most straightforward and easy to use assessment tool we’ve found for both our recruiting and ongoing staff development. PSI was a superior choice for helping us develop non-judgmental, trusting and high performing relationships in our company.
Terry Andrus, President
We're a growing organization with a diverse multi-generational workforce. PSI has become an important tool in helping us recruit new employees and develop productive relationships throughout our staff. PSI is fast and makes it easy to understand our motivational and behavioral strengths in simple, everyday language. It lets us manage our human capital effectively without having to become psychological experts.
Edward Griffin, President
Griffin Partners
We’ve found PSI to be an extremely easy to administer and apply assessment tool, something all of our employees can use. The reports provide a simple, job-related language that our managers and employees intuitively know how to use in their working relationships with one another. PSI is an important part of improving our performance and maintaining our business culture strategy.
Thomas Gordon, Chief Operating Officer
Catholic Extension
Of all the assessment instruments we’ve used in the past 25 years, PSI is the best instrument we’ve found. It is the most cost-effective, accurate and highest psychometric caliber tool available today
Carolyn Greco, President
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An Award-winning System

To integrate Millennials into your workforce

Team Covenant by Randy Hopkins

" Randy Hopkins understands the new generation of employees and what they need in order to produce exceptional work. Team Covenant offers a thoughtful, holistic approach to human resources that puts people first ."

Daniel H. Pink,
NY Times best-selling author

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What do Millennials care about?

From: MIND THE GAPS - The 2015 Deloitte Millennial Survey

" The message is clear: when looking at their career goals, today's Millennials are just as interested in how a business develops its people and its contribution to society as they are in its products and profits ," said Barry Salzberg, CEO of Delloitte Global. " These findings should be viewed as a valuable alarm to the business community, particularly in developed markets, that they need to change the way they engage Millennial talent or risk being left behind. "

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Managers too often make the mistake of judging an employee’s level of engagement, and consequently their level of commitment, based on their own (the manager’s) yardstick of “normal”. The problem is people are all different and from a non-clinical perspective, there is no such thing as normal. Everyone is unique and has their own distinct style of intuitive behavior. Note I said intuitive behavior, not learned behavior. Let me suggest that you conside intuitive behavior to be an individual’s internal yardstick of what is normal (for them). Continue reading ..

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Do relationships at work matter? Obviously they do, or at least most people today think so. I sure do, it’s why I’ve been in the organizational relationships and development business for over 35 years. Building working relationships that work doesn’t just happen. Like anything else, it requires knowledge, a defined strategy, commitment, and the development of skills – in this case, relational skills. In inaugurating this blog as a part of our delivery of PSI Enterprise, my commitment is to provide an open-ended dialogue to share what we have learned through the years in working with clients to improve the performance of their people. Continue reading ..