About Team Excellence

Team Excellence is the authority on managing employees and relationships. Our strategy and web-based tools are the result of over 30 years of Fortune 500 and small business experience.

We help you become a more effective organization

  • Manage with motivational insight into employee interests/needs
  • Build teams that are motivated to achieve common goals
  • Resolve conflict by recognizing individual value & collaboration
  • Create accountability through shared ownership of work
We've received 2 Impact Awards from the Society for Human Resource Management for achievements in:
  • Organizational Development
  • Employee Development

A History of Relationships

We're a human resource management & organizational development consulting firm, helping clients improve organizational performance and productivity for over 25 years. We have administered assessment to over 40,000 managers and employees.

We have partnered with clients to provide training, coaching, selection and behavioral assessment systems that motivate employees, build effective teams and improve performance management.

A History of Success

Working with Fortune 500 Companies and entrepreneurial businesses alike, we have served over 70 US-based companies and a variety of international firms to develop:

  • Motivated employees that meet business strategy goals.
  • Leadership strength with succession capability.
  • Performance accountability processes throughout the organization.