"I've used a number of personality tests through the years to train and manage my staff, but PSI is the most reliable, easiest to use, and most economical test I've ever seen. Now that it's available online and supported by unlimited online coaching tools, a lot more companies can benefit from this unique and important business product." Russell Conda, Vice President of Acker Kvaener
"The PSI survey is a perfect business solution for training our employees. PSI is an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand process that provides in-depth insight about our employees. We learn a simple language that defines our individual differences and that helps us develop strong collaborative teams. This is a very powerful and very affordable business tool" Eric Kelly, Director of Organizational Effectiveness for Pride International
"We use Team Excellence to help us learn who we are, how we think, and why we do things the way we do them. How they know all they know astounds me sometimes. They help us know what we do best, what we're not doing, and sometimes what we need to stop. Team Excellence makes a very significant contribution to our business." Fred Griffin, Chairman of Griffin Partners
"You've been our moral compass. You need to write that book on your Team Covenant philosophy and get on Oprah. That's your legacy! The detailed insight we've gained through Team Excellence's expertise in assessing our people has created a language we've been able to institutionalize, one that will have a lasting and very positive impact on our business for many years to come." Richard Fant, President & CEO of New Process Steel
"Over the past 25 years in the talent management business, we've used numerous traditional as well as more recent, online assessments, with a wide range of satisfaction and desired results. The PSI, however, has risen to the top to be not only the most straightforward, focused and career-relevant instrument that we have used, but also does not require lengthy, ongoing certification processes for staff and consultants. It is cost-effective, expertly-created and of the highest psychometric and technological caliber - the overall best instrument we've found." Carolyn L. Greco, President of the Facet Group
"For me to be a good leader, I need to understand my employees as individuals. They're all different and I have to recognize those differences to manage them effectively. Most tests are complicated and cost way too much. PSI is by far the best solution I've found. It's easy to understand, spot on accurate, provides free online training, all for only $29.95! I highly recommend it" Frank Law, Senior Vice President of Patriot Bank
"Our business comes out of an industry that has historically been very autocratic in its use of authority and control to manage people. We realize that we must be different if we're to remain competitive, attract the best of the best new employees, and grow our business for the future. Team Excellence does an outstanding job of providing us with the vision, experience and process tools to help us achieve our goals." Edward Griffin, President of Griffin Partners
"An exceptional and valuable contribution. The insight you provide puts human relationships into practical and easy to understand terms we can use."

Pierre Schurmann, Senior Partner of C.H.I. Brazil
"You are excellent at inspiring us to our best. Simply great! No 'Ivory Tower' theory. You get it down to real world solutions, and have helped us change the way we manage our business and lead our people. Thank you!" Richard H. Rau, Manager of NL Industries
"Sterling Bank is experiencing unprecedented growth and opportunities in each of our markets. This rapid business growth challenges our leadership and our employees to think creatively about how we get things done and how we work together more effectively. Team Excellence is an important resource with its web-based human information technologies.
The Team Excellence performance management system (PARS) fits our corporate philosophy and accountability standards exceptionally well, and our employees find the PSI personality survey to be accurate, job relevant, and thought provoking. Unlike other assessments we have used, PSI is straightforward and does not require certification or an outside expert for interpretation. The simplicity of PSI allows our HR Business Partners to be internal experts in its application, and the instrument is more cost effective than anything else we've tried. We are truly fans." Wanda Dalton, EVP & Chief Human Resource Officer for Sterling Bank