Employee Feedback is Essential

Employee feedback is often overlooked in most organizations. There are a lot of excuses from costly financial and logistical problems to employee feedback being undervalued by management. However there is a basic truth at play, "If you value your employees, you value their feedback". Your employees are the arms and legs of your organization.

We have seen the repeated success of our upward accountability system in companies across the board with 100, 500, 1000, and even 5,000 employees.

Greater Participation

The average employee feedback system maintains a 35-40% participation rate. The Team Excellence Employee Satisfaction Survey averages 85-90% participation. This means that feedback is more reliable and more accurate. The key to this participation is first the leadership philosophy of our Team Development Strategy™, and then our anonymous, web-based, third-party system. Employees supplying feedback feel a greater level of motivation, trust and anonymity.


Simple Results

ESS has been designed to be understandable. Much like PARS and the PSI, feedback for ESS is provided in a simple, graphical, easy-to-interpret manner (see above). It couldn't be easier. The more green there is, the better. For those who enjoy crunching numbers, raw empirical data is also provided with the report.