Working Together

Our three tools: PSI, PARS, and ESS; work together to solidify our award-winning and proven Team Development Strategy™. Our clients experience record low turnovers and are industry leaders in employee satisfaction. If you haven't already, take a second to familiarize yourself with our Team Development Strategy™.

Take Time to Review Our Strategy

  • Save Time and Money
  • Get the Right People in the Right Jobs
  • Reduce Turnover and Operating Costs
  • Improve Individual & Team Performance
  • Increase Profitability / Operating Surplus

Case Study

Terry wanted to start a company where people feel trusted, empowered to make a real difference, and respected for their individuality. He wanted people to want to work for him, not his competition.

Terry reached $100m in sales in year 5, the same year he won E&Y's Entrepreneur-of-the-Year Award, and the third year he had less than 3% turnover in a 23% industry. Terry's been our client now for about 10 years and each year he stays right at 3% turnover. Year after year, his people respond to an annual survey where 85% say CompleteRx is the best company they've ever worked for and Terry Andrus is the best boss they've ever had.

turnover chart