Web-based Performance Appraisal

PARS is a web-based performance appraisal that provides values-driven evaluation based on your company's assessment criteria and review cycles. PARS measures who is "Getting the job done" and who is "Getting the job done right".

PARS is uniquely flexible and can simultaneously deploy manager-over-employee surveys, full 360 surveys, or hybrid combination surveys during the same assessment review cycle for your entire workforce.

Because PARS is a web-based, third-party administered system guaranteeing employee anonymity and confidentiality, PARS ensures the highest accuracy in results.

Four Points-of-View

When used as a 360 review, employees are evaluated on four different spectrums that are blended together into one easy-to-comprehend performance summary.


Performance Summary Grid

Each evaluation report contains in-depth empirical data as well as an employee's Performance Summary Grid. This easily interpreted Performance Grid gives an at-a-glance view of an employee's demonstrated values and performance based on the 4 different points-of-view.

Even better, when PARS is paired with our Personal Strengths Inventory (PSI), it makes perfect sense because you are not only measuring what employees do, but also why they do it that way. Now you know how to help them improve.

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