Skip the Psycho-Babble

We all believe "we're normal" and it's always "the other guy who has the problem!" These personality and behavioral differences can lead to daily misunderstandings (or worse!) which leads to conflict, job dissatisfaction, poor performance, and turnover either directly or indirectly.

PSI is a simple, web-based personality and behavioral strengths assessment. PSI is non-clinical and non-consultant dependent. It represents over 30 years of organizational development and human resource management work. PSI represents our experience with over 40,000 managers and employees.


Four Styles, One Person

Unlike similar instruments that use this important grid model to "label" people into only one of four categories, PSI recognizes that the complexity of our personality does not fit into a single dimension.


Low Cost, Turn-key Solution

PSI overcomes the costly and confusing limitations of traditional complex methods requiring expensive, time-consuming external consultants. It does not require expensive certifications and ongoing certifications. PSI is presented in a simple, non-judgmental language that your managers and employees quickly master.

What's in the Box?

An integrated online process of "relational" transparency that builds more understanding, communication, collaboration and TRUST!

Better than Conventional Methods

"I've used a number of personality tests through the years to train and manage my staff, but PSI is the most reliable, easiest to use, and most economical test I've ever seen."
Russell Conda, Vice President of Acker Kvaener

Conventional Methods PSI
1 hour or more 15 minutes
Requires Consultant Non-consultant Dependent
Ongoing Certification Required No Certification Required

Why You Need To Try PSI

Based on 30 years of corporate experience, PSI breaks new ground in personality and behavioral assessment because it is:

  • Self-interpretive non-consultant dependent
  • High-impact visually graphic reports
  • No certification required
  • Unlimited report retrieval
  • Large suite of individual & team formats
  • Ongoing What do we do now? process
  • Extremely cost-effective
  • FREE company database management system