PSI Career & Work-Life Grid

After the PSI Survey is completed, each participant is presented with their PSI Career & Work-Life Grid, based on the Hippocratic Model. Every person is a combination of 4 dominant personalities: Doer, Talker, Counter, Thinker. Unlike similar instruments that use this grid model to "label" people into one of four categories, PSI recognizes that the complexity of our personality does not fit into a single dimension. The resulting feedback allows participants to see their diverse interests and strengths in relative proportion to one another, as well as gain greater appreciation and respect for people who are different.

"PSI recognizes the complexity of an individual's personality"
strengths grid

Behavioral Dashboards

PSI also provides a detailed behavioral assessment of participants' personality and relational interaction within PSI's "Behavioral Dashboards". These dashboards identify behavioral style and perspective by focusing on an individual's strengths and contrasting those strengths with others': this further neutralizes the judgments people tend to make of one another. These dashboards measure behavior in the following key relationship and job-related areas:

  • Working with Others
  • Dealing with Change
  • Preferred Pace
  • Personal Identity
  • Asserting Yourself
  • Expressing your Feelings
  • Attention to Detail