Online Coaching Series

Session 1: Introduction

In this introductory session you will learn what, why and how to use this online coaching series to improve your performance, be a better team player, communicate effectively and manage your relationships and career. This series is presented in numeric order and the best learning will occur by viewing each session sequentially. Again, enjoy!

PSI Behavioral Grid

Session 2: Career & Work Life Grid - Part 1

This classic Hippocratic Model comes alive in these 2 sessions with an easy to understand explanation of who you are, not in judgment, but in comparison to others. The model defines your interests, motivations and preferred work outcomes in a broad brush picture describing your overall style and best behavior. These sessions can start a fascinating life long journey of self discovery and personal and professional growth.

Session 3: Career & Work Life Grid - Part 2

This session explores more specifically what your PSI Grid says about you. Learn the detail of how you can benefit from this empowering self-knowledge to improve both your personal and professional relationships.

Behavioral Dashboards

Session 4: Working With Others

A behavioral dashboard is a very simple visual picture of your intuitive approach to 7 key areas of behavior. You don't have to be a junior psychologist -- even Aunt Mildred gets it! These 7 sessions will teach you how you behave intuitively compared to all the rest of us, how to maximize your strengths in what you accomplish, and how to manage your potential personality "blind spots".

Session 5: Dealing with Change

This session's Behavioral Dashboard Model measures how you prefer dealing with accepting and managing change. Are you someone who concentrates your attention well? Or someone who likes a lot of novelty and variety?

Session 6: Your Preferred Pace

Your preferred pace. This session's Dashboard will measure your preferred pace of Action versus Reflection. Do you prefer to take immediate action and get things done right now? Or, are you a person who wants to think things through carefully and deliberately before taking action?

Session 7: Your Personal Identity

All of us have sense of our own personal identity. Our self worth and how it connects to others. Are you a person who understands what most people think? Or are you more individualistic in your own way of thinking?

Session 8: Asserting Yourself

How we assert ourselves is a measure of how we deal with authority and control and it is of significant consequence to our working relationships and performance. How you assert yourself is how you approach direction and control. Are you laid back or do you like to take charge?

Session 9: Expressing Your Feelings

In this session we're going to look at the Behavioral Dashboard that measures how you express your feelings. How do you show that you care? Everyone is different, but understanding the differences can be very important. Are you more objective, detached and logical in your behavior? Or are you more sympathetic and feeling oriented in your behavior to others?

Session 10: Attention to Detail

This behavioral dashboard measures how you approach paying attention to detail. In this session you will learn how to use the Attention to Detail Dashboard. Are you organized and structured? Or is your strength in being innovative and flexible?


This short wrap up session brings closure to the series and provides some practical ideas and suggestions of how to get the best ongoing results from using your Personal Strengths Inventory Profile. We hope this series has been a great experience and a worthwhile investment of your time.