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hr consultancy.
Our award-winning OD system, developed over 40 years in the industry, helps selected individuals grow beyond single-project consulting to develop recurring business as a trusted confidant.
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are you trapped in a vicious cycle?
Many independent HR consultants are caught in the loop of selling a project, delivering that project, then going without income while you try to find the next client. Or maybe you lack the professional experience and posture necessary to command your clients’ confidence and get them to say “yes”.

How useful would it be if you could deliver an ongoing process your client perceived as essential, that would create recurring revenue, and make you their indispensable “confidant”?
how team excellence can help you.
Over 4 decades, we have developed a proven, award-winning system on which we built a financially successful HR consulting firm - 2 to 3 times the average consultant’s annual income.

If you’re a good fit, we’re ready to help you implement a reliable business development and delivery process that sets you apart in exactly the same way.

You will help clients define their culture; increase the inclusion, trust, and engagement of employees; and enhance the quality of worklife and job satisfaction for managers and employees alike.

Our exclusive, high-impact, and replicable system delivers residual-retainer-based clients and enables you to become recognized as an authority and professional expert for improving the performance and profitability of your clients.
Become one of our select partners specializing in a unique resource for your market by learning to provide a proven, award-winning, metrics-driven system that develops inclusion and trust throughout your client organizations.
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the outcomes.
Balancing practicality, idealism and passion, you’ll learn to develop the trust of your clients, become essential to their decision making processes, and teach them how to be effective leaders.
We have become the employer of choice in our industry and exceeded our performance goals in our first 5 years. I don't think we could have done that without the help we've received from Team Excellence.
Terry Andrus, President and CEO, CompleteRx
We use Team Excellence to help us learn who we are, how we think, and why we do things the way we do them. They help us know what we do best, what we're not doing, and sometimes what we need to stop.
Fred Griffin, Chairman, Griffin Partners
The detailed insight we've gained through Team Excellence's expertise in assessing and coaching our people has created a language we've been able to institutionalize, one that will have a lasting and very positive impact on our business for many years to come.
Richard Fant, President and CEO, New Process Steel
In the last three years, the Team Covenant Culture™ has provided us the platform and process to dramatically transform our workforce from a keep-their-heads-down entitlement mentality into an engaged culture of accountability and highly motivated people.
Thomas Gordon, COO, Catholic Extension
our commitment to you.
“Your success involves two very specific outcomes. You will make a lasting difference in the culture and performance of your clients, and you will enjoy the pride and financial security of a more stable and successful consulting practice.

We’ll help you transform your professional skills and reputation, becoming a highly influential and successful consultant. You’ll be recognized for delivering meaningful sustained results that improve your clients’ performance and increase employee engagement.

You’ll learn how our model defines you as a “moral compass” for developing organizational cultures that connect a unique philosophy of human dignity with practical business behavior. Your clients will believe they are better people, achieving better business outcomes, as a result of your work.

Added to all this, you will enjoy the financial security of a successful business providing above average income through repeat engagements and residual-revenue agreements.

You have our sincere commitment to your long-term success. We succeed when you succeed.”
Randy Hopkins, Founder, Team Excellence, Inc.
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these clients helped us learn the need to define an organization’s human philosophy…